One Trip Two Great Motivations!

South Pioneers is proud to offer a new alternative to wing shooting in Argentina; combining two passions held by hunters: superb shooting and excellent wines!!

Thanks to our privileged geographical location in San Luis, not far from Mendoza - one of the eight wine capitals of the world - we're the only outfitter that can offer an unforgettable trip:

A fantastic experience shooting doves & pigeons with a final wine tour in Mendoza visiting famous wineries and tasting some of the best wines in the world.

Led by a team of wine experts, hunters will visit the most famous vineyards discovering the secrets and rituals of the wine making process of Mendoza wines.

Advantages of this program

Easy combination: Hunters arrive in Mendoza via Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires in Argentina. This will be the way taken for your return trip from the hunting area which will enable you to enjoy a premium wine tour in passing by Mendoza.

Two trips in one: travelers have to make an additional trip from other areas in Argentina to arrive to Mendoza to visit the vineyards during their stay in Argentina. As you’ll be near Mendoza that won't be necessary because you can add this after completing your hunting adventure on your way back home.

Other activities: Mendoza also offers trout fishing, golf, skiing* and all mountain activities. *(June through August)

Just decide the hunting of your dreams and add your wine tour on your way back.

Exclusive accommodations: We will recommend you the best accommodations; from acclaimed wine lodges surrounded by vineyards and the magnificent Andes Mountains to exclusive hotels in the city center.

Indulge yourself in tasting the best Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot or discover the secrets of the excellent yet relatively unknown Bonarda wines. Of course, Menodoza's own Malbec is always a must!!

Rate Sample

Dove Shooting | 3 full hunting days/ 4 nights plus 1 ½ days Wine Tour   U$S 1450!! 

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