A great adventure: a sky full of Pigeons & Doves !!

South Pioneers offers the best pigeon hunting in the world combined with equal or better dove shooting than the famous Cordoba shooting

Pigeon & Dove hunting.

South Pioneers offers a hunt which is a mix of doves and pigeons, both in populations like you’ve never seen together.

Wild Pigeon hunting could be passing or over decoys, which results in a fantastic experience as these birds’ decoy equal to or better than ducks!

For this hunting, blinds are built and a combination of plastic and mechanical decoys are spread around them.

This is real high-volume pigeon hunting, not easy to find combined with famous Argentina dove hunting!!

Pigeons are very smart and hunting them is quite a challenge! Those who have tried it once would certainly like to repeat the experience.

While Dove shooting, a hunter can shoot off all through the day non-stop. The hunting is equal or better than Cordoba, as this area is less spoiled.

South Pioneers controls over 200.000 acres of the best hunting fields. Most of these are water irrigated with pivot systems. This assures that pigeons and doves always need to approach the area to feed, since in the rest of our area there are only thousands of hectares of roost.

The hunting limitations are unrestricted and the amount of doves and pigeons are unlimited, so you can set your own record!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Depart from your country.

Day 2: Arrive to the airport of your choice, Mendoza or Buenos Aires, in both you will be meet by a South Pioneers representative, who will help you to clear personal guns. From Mendoza you’ll be transferred to the Hotel in time for cocktails & dinner. From Buenos Aires you’ll be transferred to B.A. local airport to take a 1, 15 minutes flight to San Luis. From here driving time is 1, 10 minutes. Arrival time to the hotel is practically the same in both ways.

Day 3, 4, 5…: full hunting days for hot-gun doves & pigeons. While hunting you will be placed in a natural brush blind complete with bird boy, a stool & ice chest, with soft drinks and water. At midday you’ll enjoy at the field the famous argentine style barbecue!

Departure day: Arise a bit later, enjoy a full breakfast and then be transferred to Mendoza for a wine tour, or take your flight back to Santiago de Chile and USA or to San Luis Airport for flights home, through Buenos Aires, where you can stay one or two nights enjoying this wonderful city.