Pigeon Hunting Tips


Pigeons bird breeds at least twice, and in good warm summers three times, a year and they lay two eggs at a time. Our bird weights around 20 ounces and is capable of more than 50 miles an hour in level flight.


  • Birdboys will set out a basic 'U' shaped pattern, watch the pigeons on their approach to your pattern and go from there.
  • They set the front of the pattern 25 yards from the hide, leave 2-3 yards between each decoy and extend the arms of the 'U' at least 15-20 yards from the front of the pattern and finally make the open end of the 'U' at least 15 yards wide.
  • Once you’ve caught some pigeons you can ad them as decoys with the plastic ones.
  • Pigeons like to fly and they usually fly, and decoy, better in a wind. Take 2 minutes to realize about the wind conditions in your spot.
  • A basic rule of all patterns is that, if the birds don't come into land and jink away from your decoys; you and not the pigeons have got something wrong.


Concealment and camouflage are very important when pigeon hunting in Argentina.

When the shooting takes place up close, such as over decoys, it is imperative that all shooters, bird boys, and equipment are well-hidden in a natural blind-or a synthetic makeshift blind of some sort.

Don't move until you are going to shoot or you will scare the bird away before he comes within your chosen range.

Gun & Shot Size

A common myth is that one needs to use a 12 ga. shotgun to bring down a pigeon. The 20 gauge shotgun and shot size no greater than 7 ½ is perfect to be effective.

As far as the shot pattern is concerned, an improved cylinder choke works well. At 35 yards you should have a pattern such that at least 2 pellets, and preferably no more than 4, will hit the bird.


You need to lead the bird, and the best way to do that is to train the muzzle of your gun to a spot just behind the bird, then swing it such that it overtakes the bird. When you see a little daylight between the muzzle and the front of the bird, pull the trigger.

When you swing at a baseball, you don't stop swinging the instant you make contact, nor do you stop swinging a golf club the instant you make contact.

What you are taught to do is to follow through on the swing. The same advice applies to pigeon hunting. When you take aim at the bird, and lead it by swinging the muzzle, you continue to swing the muzzle after pulling the trigger. If you don't, you'll miss.

Dove Hunting Tips


Doves can reproduce up to seven times per year and have two eggs per nest. The expected lifespan of a dove is five years. This figure is typically cut short due to a lack of food source.

It typically takes 45 days for young doves (pichones) to start flying. After about 20 weeks the young doves enter the Cordoba "dove factory" and begin reproducing.


Be sure that all your guns are unloaded before leaving your home, the hotel and the lodge. Recheck your guns before entering any automobile, while on the field and again prior to leaving the field.

All autoloaders must have open magazines when carried outside of the shooting station.

Do not hand loaded shotguns to the bird boys. Do not let bird boys shoot as many of them know how to shoot. Allowing them to practice shooting with your gun is an unnecessary risk to take.

The most important safety rule -- Do not shoot low-flying birds!

There is never a reason to take a low-angle shot. Shooting low birds (angles less than 45 degrees) puts bird pick-up boys, other hunters and farm animals at risk.

There are thousands of birds to shoot. Please exercise discipline and good judgment on each shot.


Often, when you want to go dove hunting near your home, you are required to prepare for your trip. Please take alook at our Key Information page- Necesary Equipment- it will give you a complete check list you can use to be sure everithing will be with you, to enjoy your hunting trip.

Why South Pioneers has no peak Season?

There are many Argentina dove hunting outfitters, but only a few hold special hunting areas.

In the last ten years due to rising commodities prices, farmers have begun to plant new areas in which ones the pigeon & dove population has grown substantially.

This excessive growth caused enormous damage to crops. In some areas is not possible to plant more sunflowers because pigeons & doves eat more than 50% of the crop.

South Pioneers is located over an area of pivot irrigated agriculture, which is constantly growing due to new land is incorporated every year to agriculture.

The posibility to handle the crop water makes this area a unique place, because farmers can grow in stages rather than at a particular time.

This results in staggered crops in our area, for example, corn is harvested from early February until late July -6 months- when the harvest in other areas not covered more than a month and a half.

This extension in harvesting produces periods of abundant food and therefore a higher concentration of doves, one more reason why South Pioneers is one of the best Argentina dove hunting outfitters.